by The Dreamer


So it has basically been really, really (and I emphasize really ) long before I last blogged. And I have a valid reason for it, okay.

In my head, it basically went down like this:

“Hey, Jean. Let’s blog about your mundane day today and let the entire world know of your sadistic thoughts.”


“But, wait–”

“What if one day the Internet breaks down and your grandchildren will never know of your inner thoughts?”

“OR what if one day you have amnesia or war breaks out and you need to reminiscence?”

“Oh Christ, this is a nightmare, go and buy a leather skin journal right NOW.”

I did, okay. I went and did it just to pacify that tiny irrational voice. But then penning everything down turned way to exhausting by like, the third line, so in the end I abandoned that completely and returned back to good ol’ blogging. Also, my previous blog (itspurelycoincidental.wordpress.com) has been abandoned as well because…I felt everything was kind of embarrassing.

Moving on to my topic of today…tonight. Festivities!

That’s right, Chinese New Year is upon us and today marks the end of the two big days of family gathering and fancy clothing and gorging on new year goodies.

Sadly, it also marks the end of “winter” in Singapore and announces the arrival of hot, humid summer. The moment I had stepped out of the car, the wind was released in exhausted, staccato breaths that was a mixture of humidity and pure torture. God, I MISSED THE COLD BLIZZARD-ISH WIND. I miss wearing jackets and winter socks and tucking myself into blankets. Come back to me, please.

I swear, global warming has seriously messed up the weather and climate of Singapore. Now there’s winter and summer. And monsoon season! And shopping season. So there, four seasons of Singapore.

But steering back to CNY. Here are some pictures of my family and I all dolled up and having fun.


Initially, I intended to make a short video on CNY, but my computer’s being a shithead and my mother’s computer is literally dinosaur era as it has nothing on it. No word, no windows movie maker, nothing! Because they’re afraid of virus attack, which the computer has battled against multiple times. It has serious low immunity issues, like an old person._____________.

Anywho, this CNY has been very fresh for me. I actually felt pretty for once. I wore my contacts, donned on a pretty white dress and my auntie even specially curled my hair for me the night before. My mother put on eyeliner and mascara for me, and I felt confident that I was older and prettier than, you know, bespectacled, pimply me.

Surprisingly, many people complimented me, and damn, I felt lifted off my feet. And it’s not because of my 10 inch heels, I assure. It’s probably my skyrocketing ego haha. I swear, many people did that doubletake stare, and it made me really self-conscious but eerily excited too.

Of course, it was a year of changes. My cousins from Beijing were back, my childhood relatives are all grown up and looking spiffing, and SHOCKING ALERT my sister had decided to wear a skirt of mine today!

Also, it was really fun and relaxing to play with my young cousins. They were such a delight and it’s the most marvelous feeling ever when they say, “Can you play with me, please?” I feel so loved.

And we gambled, a bit. Of course, people lent me money and because I’m too honest for my liking, I practically lost every round of Black Jack because I’m definitely not following the rules of YOLO this year.

The CNY celebrations in my school was really exciting and funny as well! I cracked up at the part when some Chinese Scholars were singing and dancing, when the stage curtains started drawing closer, and closer and closed on them! Haha! Their faces were the best! Not to be offensive of course. We gave them extra loud applauses and they probably laughed about it afterward. And I was trying really hard not to slap my hands onto my ears to block out the screeching that repeatedly came on because of either the song selections (some god-awful chinese new year song) or because of the soprano singer on stage. I was trying not to be rude, but failing terribly at it.

Generally, this entire holiday was really fun and all, but jesus, my homework awaits.

So till next time,

Jean xx