train of thoughts

by The Dreamer

this is going to be a really short post with no caps, no editing, none. i just needed a place to spill. so basically i realized that my favourite things to do (currently) besides reading and listening to music was the stare at the sky and ride the bus.

it’s so weird that i’ve never noticed there were a thousand or more shades of the sky. i could literally wake up before dawn and gaze at the sun rising and the colours shifting and the birds cutting across the ombre of colours. like, it’s that beautiful, that i didn’t even realize i had been staring for an hour.

and then at night i’ll poke my head out of the window and the breeze just sweeps me away. it’s chilly but refreshing and the sky nowadays is clear and the moon is near and bright and gorgeous.

then sitting on the bus, i listen to this my korean indie or my country music and mostly i have a book with me but sometimes i don’t and i’ll observe.

this is literally my face as the bus whizzes by. the windows are big and magical. reflections appear on the window and merge with reality and i don’t know how to explain this phenomenon but it’s wonderful. the reflection is slightly tilted and the people walk sideways and the trees feel like they’re falling and you can’t tell which is which. there could be grass on top of a building and a person overlapping a person and everything is like racing towards you. surreal. and i love those moments when you zone out but not really.

i live for moments like these.