The Sinking Boat Analogy

by The Dreamer

“We’re all sinking in the same boat.”

Yes. It’s me.

Everytime I tell myself, “When I get home, I HAVE to blog this,” these words ring empty because 1) I’m simply too lazy and 2) I’m simply too busy. But mostly 3) I fell asleep.

After reading “Eat the Frog” by Brian Tracy, I’ve had this paranoia – blogging is one of those “80%” that is not of urgency or importance, thus it must be dusted under the shelf. While I wholly agree that this is a leisurely activity, I also have to admit that the cause of my unproductivity stems from Twitter, Youtube etc social media platforms. They literally occupy my mind and leave me feeling distracted. Therefore, it would be better to invest my time in blogging that wasting my time refreshing my Twitter page.

Anyway, today it’ll be a short post because I just wanted to talk about Hellokaty – a Youtube personality that I adore. There are two that I am simply obsessed with, namely Katy Bellotte and Jenn Im. They’re both fashion/life personalities and their videos are simply stunning. Jenn will be cast aside from today’s post, and talked about later. Today, it’s all about Katy!


This is her newest video. I couldn’t even pick a favourite piece of advice because everything is simply gold. But this video spurred me to think: There are seven billion people out there, and I am one of them. There’s only seven billion, in this marvelous, magnificent universe – and I like to think that I have been “chosen” to be planted onto Earth. There should be a reason for that right?

Everything that we do, will definitely alter our lives.

I am constantly thinking, “What if I am…someone else?” What if I was that pretty Japanese girl on television. If I had her looks, would I have been liked even more? What if I was…I don’t know…blonde? Would I have been treated a different way and perhaps experience life a different way because I’m not in yellow skin? Or what if I was that all-rounder in class…the one who was the entrepreneur, who had the looks, the social skills, the grades, the father who drove her home every night, the friends who flocked to her in whatever direction she want…how would my life be different?

And that is a scary thought. There is no use in thinking of the possibility of you being another person, because everyone’s circumstances and personalities are different. What helps is taking comfort that you are not a hard piece of dry clay. You are moldable plasticine. You have the power to sculpt your life the way you like it to be.

I know this sounds pretty impossible, seeing the hectic lifestyle I’m living in. How do I slot in the time and effort to become a more…free-spirited, selfless person?

“We’re all sinking the same boat.” 

We’re all waiting for colour and excitement to explode in our lives. But sometimes, we need to be the one to initiate the colour and excitement in our own lives. Our lives are definitely not solidified yet, and tomorrow might bring such wonders for us.

To be honest, I don’t know what exactly the hell I’m talking about right now, but I just have this impulse to click on a volunteering website and sign myself up right now. Whatever the job is, I’ll take it. I want to make a difference in another person’s life and in my life. It’s not going to be easy to deviate my time from my studies, but I’m sure I can figure something out.

Moving back to the sinking boat analogy. We’re all waiting for something to happen in our lives that is impactful and life-changing. But we need to realize that we do have the power to make these changes for ourselves.

Our life is not determined by the number of friends you have, or the number of acadamic accomplishments you have attained. It is much more than that.

Sometimes, it is easy to feel as though you’re the only person in the world out there to fend for yourself. Everyone will always have someone they will pick over you. Someone will always choose to take a selfie with another person before including you. And it’s normal to think that. In fact, it’s the FOMO syndrome. The Fear of Missing Out. These are all human flaws, imperfect insecurities. FOMO is however, a vicious cycle if we let it be. Don’t let it bum you out and make you feel regrets and lack of satisfaction in your life.

I have made up this “friend’ theory that have henceforth made me feel a thousand times better. “The person who was there for me at that moment is my best friend.”

I have never really been a believer of best friends. I have hung out with various groups of close friends, but never one was DA ONE, you know? And I’m not saying that this theory is accurate, but it has definitely been a feel-good factor for me. When I’m laughing with someone, and that person makes me feel good, that person is my BFFFTM – BFF For The Moment.

Tell those whispering inner demons to shut the hell up, you know? Do what makes you feel better than yourself, because in the end, who is the one that will be there for you? Yourself. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re feeling momentarily lonely or like a sore thumb, or even worse, an invisible thumb. Don’t let these feelings cripple you. Instead, conquer them by occupying your time to fill up these gaping holes. Talk to yourself in a ridiculous accent. Sing way higher than you can. Think about the script you’ve been longing to write about the fantastic fantasy world in your head. All these tend to make me feel better, and you will find a way too~

Alright. It’s 10pm and it’s time to start on my homework. And study for my history test. Dammit.