by The Dreamer

Hold thy horses everyone, because spring is actually here! In Singapore!

Right now, it is safe to conclude that we, Singapore, has officially four seasons! Summer (which is 3/4 of the year), Spring, Monsoon Season and Shopping Season!

That’s right. Spring has finally decided to grace upon this tiny little island, so get ready some tissues (sneezing becomes a regular thing because of those horny pollen grains in search of their other half) and your cameras! The flowers have bloomed everywhere, which is extremely rare, due to the erratic weather patterns occuring in Singapore, it is deduced. A month’s worth of dry spells, and then ALL HAIL RAIN~ Currently, we experience short showers and then hardcore sunshine. It’s a wonder why there aren’t rainbows.

But let me share with you a story I found particularly uncanny. Blame it on my overactive imagination or any of the sorts, but this was an experience I went through recently. So, my friend Shu and I were on our way home, when we saw a fat, colourful caterpillar suspended in mid-air, swaying and writhing from side to side.

I swear, at that very moment, the first thing that went through my mind was: Are you THE HOOKAH-SMOKING CATERPILLAR? Migrated from Wonderland? If you are, give me a sign. Telekinesis or something.

I’m not even kidding, haha.

It was green, hairy, with orange dipped around the leg areas. Every 99 legs. And on a closer look, there was a thin silk line tied to a tree. I’m wondering if this caterpillar is building a cocoon or wriggling in a desperate attempt to escape from the clutches of a ferocious spider. Who knows? All I knew was Shu and I were completely mesmerized. Shu, who was on the phone with her friend, went all like, “Huh? What? Sorry I – I can’t concentrate on you because the caterpillar is just too- Okay bye. ”

And then, freaky incident number two! In the train carriage, emerged a gigantic dragonfly and moth out of nowhere. The dragonfly totally came charging towards me, so I let out a strangled squeal which was pretty embarrassing. The moth dived into the shirt of a sleeping passenger and probably died of suffocation haha.

Later on, while Shu was withdrawing money, both of us simultaneously noticed the flutter of feathers. We looked up, and to our absolute horror, saw the fattest pigeons in all history of mankind. It was like the evolution of chickens. They were so big, so disgustingly feathery I was so shocked. Being an avid hater of birds and things-with-wings in general, I was terrified haha.

And then during a mini excursion for biology purposes, we spotted this giant wasp with the wings propelling a the speed of an electric fan. NOT. EVEN. JOKING. And it was the size of a fist. Again, I’m not joking. I’m literally scared that these are mutations coming out from somewhere or some ominous sign that doomsday is pretty near.

But diverging from the creepy talk, here is a playlist of the songs that I’m addicted to and think is very suitable for the theme of spring. It’s k-indie for this round (: Click the picture to open the link because 8tracks and WordPress don’t work well together.