Introducing: Jenn Im!

by The Dreamer

jenn im Hello everybody! So this has been a long overdue post, due to the setback of examinations (oh, the horror) and I don’t know, procrastination, I guess. Previously I talked briefly about my favourite fashion Youtubers, and then focused mainly on Katy Bellotte afterwards. Today, this post will be fully Jenn Im (clothesencounters )! I can already feel the excitement seeping through my fingers. Earlier today, I feasted literally on Korean BBQ, yum! Now, this blog post will be a metaphorical feast on another of  my Korean indulgence – this Korean-American spice girl Jennifer Im.



Basically, since it’s a fashion Youtuber, I must be in love with her fashion sense, right? I think Jenn is drop dead gorgeous, easily one of the prettiest Koreans that I have ever encountered. I even think that her name sounds pretty – Jenn. I like how it rolls off the tongue in this very chic and spunky way. While my name only differs in one letter (Jean), I do not appreciate how it sounds very conservative and all-round boring. But moving on. Jenn’s very bold and versatile in her styles. There’s no boundaries, at all. I mean, look at this: One moment, she’s pretty little flower-crown girl, And then, BAM BAM


I like her spunky attitude on clothes and how she isn’t scared to form new combinations together, even if they’re like of completely different fashion elements. I remember being awed by every single outfit and screenshot-ing every single one, keeping them in this secret folder. That was how obsessed and bewildered I was with her fashion style. She never ceases to amaze me, and inspire me to go down this lane of being more expressive and outspoken with fashion and makeup.

However, her videos also interests me because of her thrift videos. She finds no shame into going in Goodwill or flea markets and scouring the racks for the perfect piece. I’m completely flabbergasted by how she’ll eagle-eye out a piece of clothing that screams boring, and then turn it into this statement piece. She also sometimes DIYs them, and she’ll confidently rip off sleeves and crop shirts to her own liking, which makes her clothing pieces and style in general alot more individualistic.

Moving on to her hair – which is absolutely frajalistically majestic.

I liked her with her long hair,

But I am totally digging her middy/short curls, and occasional straights ermagerd.

It is my dream hair and I would trade anything for ’em perfect curls.

Here are my top fave fashion videos from Jenn!



I get crazily excited whenever I know that Jenn will be uploading a vlog, because her life is jam-packed with fun, fashion and friends and basically the IT life I always wanted to achieve, but I never ever will because no one is as cool as Jenn ):

Can I just, like, state it out there, that Jenn has one of the best editing skills in the Youtube industry? Okay, maybe my scope isn’t that wide, but she has definitely one of the most interesting, madly fun vlogs ever. They’re poetic and vibrant and basically it’s the kind that you’ll feel sucked in from the very first second.

I have a confession to make. Sometimes, I rewatch her videos again and again, just to listen to her speak. She has this really mellow, cool voice that again, is only on Jenn-coolness level and it is a factor that I can never attain because of thyself’s awkwardness. But anyway, without further ado, here are my absolutely favourite vlogs from her, and what I feel has the best cinematography and portrays this whole sense of involvement when you’re watching. It makes you wish, ugh, I need this life!


I cannot emphasize enough how much I love Jenn’s music taste. Contrary to popular belief, her being a Korean didn’t at all influence her into liking Kpop. She has stated that she’s never been into the mainstream, and has always found herself leaning towards the indie scene.

And at first I was thinking, “Oh, it’s probably, like Bastille or Coldplay or some mainstream indie shit.” But no, she’s into real eccentric hardcore indie songs. Her song choices are that unorthodox but nevertheless undiscovered gems.

I’m gonna link her 8tracks account and a Jenn Im playlist from Soundcloud below so anyone interested can check it out!

8TRACKS – Click the picture below

SOUNDCLOUD PLAYLIST – Click picture below

She got me into bands like Tame Impala, Bo En, Saint Pepsi and Bossa Nova, and pushed me toward this genre of music that opened my eyes to the possibilities of music.


I think what differentiates Youtubers from real life celebrities is that more Youtubers are generally more down-to-earth and easygoing. That makes them more relatable and thus it is easier thinking to yourself, “What would Jenn do?” “What would Jenn wear?”

Jenn has this no-shit-sherlock, yet spontaneous and vivacious personality that I really adore. I remember in one of her best friend’s videos (her best friend looks like a fiery chick by the way, totally rad) where she talks of her experience with Jenn and how she got to know Jenn as gradually accepted her as a best friend.

She said, at that time she was working as a bartender in this gothic and punkish place, and then Jenn walked in looking all cool and unique as a 155cm person can be. When Steph (her friend) asks what she wanted, without hesitation, Jenn replied, ‘the strongest thing you got’. Steph was all like, ‘In my head I was reeling with awe, like, this short little girl is packed with spunk, dude! I’ll never be as cool as her, but I want her as a best friend!” Jenn said she was thinking the same thing about Steph too.

I think Jenn has this outgoing, naturally flirty personality, and she doesn’t even care about what others opinions of her was. She said she used to, being Asian in a Caucasian society and all, but then she gradually grew to realize that ‘you’ is what matters and to hell what others think about you. And she means it in a good way. Dress the way you want and do not be afraid to have someone else put you down. Just because you dress differently/ more maturely from others, doesn’t mean it’s naturally wrong or just plain bad. Be yourself, ya know. Don’t try to squeeze yourself in this conventional box because you’ll find yourself sticking out and feeling more out of place than ever. I’m trying to adopt this policy, but I haven’t adapted my wardrobe to it yet.

At the same time, though, this ‘rule’ doesn’t apply to human values. We shouldn’t always think of ourselves over others in some situations – we still have to be kind, caring and empathetic. Never forget that.

Other than that, Jenn is just this all-round cool girl and the kind you just want to hang out with. She’s near the same height as me, so I can generally fit into the clothes that she wears! (Not that I’m gonna. Some are quite…revealing.) Plus, I have to consider the fact that Jenn has the body shape of a hanger rack and whatever she wears will look nice, but I have butts and boobs so it kinda gets in the way, unfortunately.

However, having an inspiration doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow and mimic their exact actions – fashion icons are there to implant different fashiong concepts in your mind that opens you up to more styles and makes you more versatile!

I shall now end this post with one of Jenn’s talking videos. Her favourites videos are always eye-opening because she recommends movies that are very uncommon (like gore or sci-fiction from the 1950s) and her book choices are always superb.

But this is a ’50 facts about me’ video. It’s the first video I’ve ever seen and it’s officially the video that I’ve seen the most times. I basically just play it while I do my work. I dunno. Call me obsessed but she is my official girl-crush.

Literally considering changing my name to Jenn, but of course I won’t.

And if you’re interested on knowing Jenn on a more intimate level, here are ‘her secrets!’ Okay bye guys! I hope at least one of you is now like, hmm, Imma check out this Jenn girl!