by The Dreamer


I was never good at describing things.


I guess, maybe sometimes I tended to overanalyze some details, but it’s really hard not to, when you feel so strongly for something at that particular point of time.


Today has been a tiring day, so I’ll let my photos do the talking.


2014-05-23 06.47.03

This is the view that greeted me when I reached school. It was just this beautiful palette of pastels splashed onto the sky and it was so breathtaking. Heck it, man. Take a photo to capture this magnificent beauty forever, for you never know how long before the artist decides to repaint his canvas with another set of colours.

这是我踏入学校时的一幕。可见,迎接我的是七彩缤纷的黎明 – 正好是我最喜爱的粉彩。这一幕让我屏息这么一下子。干脆p拍下一照留下天空美好的一面。谁知何时又有机会看到这么艳丽的日出。

2014-05-23 13.33.42

My stupid friends.


2014-05-16 06.39.19

Was I running for the bus at this time? Or was my hand simply shaky? I can only recognize that this is the silhouette of my favourite tree. It filters out the moonlight when I wait for my school bus before the crack of dawn, and sometimes the moon nestles between the leaves. I love this tree. I don’t know how it’s possible to love a tree, but I just do. I grew up with it. It was literally just a little stump when I was young. And now, it towers over me.

在这刹那,我是在追巴士吗?可能是手抖。隐约能辨认出这是我最喜爱的树的轮廓。当我在路灯马路旁等校车来的时候,我总爱仰望月亮星星。这棵树茂盛的树叶会略略遮罩住月光 – 实在太诗意,还存一些莫名的平静。我不晓得自己为什么会如此痴迷于一棵树,但毕竟它与我成长的。从小小的一棵到可以完全把我吞没在黑暗中 – 可见谁长的比较好。

2014-05-15 20.25.50

It’s a pity the city draws away the magnificent glow of the full moon. It’s a pity this picture does no justice to the beauty of the moon that night. It was so round and big and close. But no bigger than my thumb.


2014-05-23 19.36.06

Can you see it? Slotted between the two HDB flats is a sliver of the sunset. Even till the end, the sky demands for attention from me subtly. My mum didn’t notice it and couldn’t see it until she stretched real far and squinted for a long time. All I needed to do was to turn my head. I’m so in love with the sky.


2014-05-23 19.36.13

A relatively dark hallway with pockets of light here and there. It’s weird how it’s never lonely or scary, because I’m always walking down it with my family, but I experience it all too well in this photo. My grandfather’s house is the only noise producer in the entire hallway. The other residents are always unhappy or behind closed doors. My grandfather’s house is the only apartment with more than 5 pairs of slippers cluttered at the door. Sometimes the ageing uncles and aunties come out to stare at nothing. I think at that moment, their thoughts ricochet through the entire hallway, and it seems to become darker all at once.


2014-05-23 19.36.23

Behind closed gates, but I am happy, for this is my second home.


2014-05-20 02.47.59

Big nostrils, cute face.




钧 xx