Solo Excursion

by The Dreamer


My heart felt like it, so last week I jammed in my camera before heading out for tuition/


SAM_3344 SAM_3345 SAM_3346


Hopped onto the train, and found myself transported to a relatively empty park/


SAM_3347 SAM_3349

The sun was really bright, but not sweltering. It basked the entire park in a rosy glow. I, of course, tried to hide in a sheltered spot. Thankfully, the trees provided so much shade. I love trees. Civilization seems like light years away. Being there felt as though I had been pulled away from the hectic pace of life. It felt as though time has stopped. Like I had stepped into another existence where time was counted by the number of times you felt truly alive/



The tree’s hair is better maintained than mine. Look at how luscious it is. If only I was small again, than I could tug at it and surf across the sky as if it were the sea.


SAM_3359 SAM_3360 SAM_3361

Really wanted to get lost in this tree maze, get lost in nature and get lost in myself. The trees are so graceful. There is an inexplicable serenity in being among trees. They are so stoic, peaceful and beautiful. They stay still and silently observe. They inhale the world’s troubles and exhale fresh life. There is something magnificent about them – and in this photo they look just like wrists. But whether thick or thin, they have such strong hold on life. I wish I was as strong and determined about living.


SAM_3363 SAM_3364 SAM_3370 SAM_3377 SAM_3378 SAM_3379 SAM_3380

Just a few more shots. I think today’s excursion is best conveyed through pictures.

SAM_3381 SAM_3383 SAM_3385 SAM_3386 SAM_3391 SAM_3393


Honestly, I think trees can see things – they throw branches at certain people because you know, they deserve branches thrown at them. They shower leaves and flowers to certain people because they think they need cheering up. Everytime I pass by a tree or walk under them, I always find a leaf or two hidden in my hair afterwards. It’s the tree’s way of saying, I’m here for you.


SAM_3375 SAM_3401

The holes in the leaves – a caterpillar’s presence. Then, the butterfly’s presence. I like how everything in nature is so interlinked.


Tried to flick my hair in a romantic way, but er. SAM_3405

Tissue paper flowers, I like to call them. Pick one up for free if you need to dry your tears.


2014-05-24 11.04.51 2014-05-24 11.05.05 2014-05-24 11.05.29 2014-05-24 11.05.46 2014-05-24 11.06.26 2014-05-24 11.06.44 2014-05-24 11.23.47

Yeah, I’m a rebel like that. Walking in opposite directions.

2014-05-24 11.24.00 2014-05-24 11.24.30 2014-05-24 11.26.01 2014-05-24 11.28.38 2014-05-24 11.30.38 2014-05-24 11.31.40

Back to reality.


2014-05-24 11.32.25

My favourite kind of trees.

2014-05-24 11.34.31

2014-05-24 11.35.46


This is the kind of illusions I see on my special seat – top deck of the bus, right corner, 2nd row. Where worlds collide and the lines of reality are blurred. Where people walk through buildings and trees clash against people and it’s all fine.


2014-05-24 11.36.15

Tried to climb up the railings but couldn’t escape.

2014-05-24 11.36.26 2014-05-24 11.39.21

Separated by a piece of glass.


2014-05-24 11.39.30

Empty bus-stops.


2014-05-24 11.41.34

Waiting impatiently.


2014-05-24 11.41.45

Finally here.

2014-05-24 11.42.39

2014-05-24 11.43.06 2014-05-24 11.47.10 2014-05-24 11.47.39Out of the bus, waiting for my next adventure to begin.



So basically that is my lake “adventures”. Mainly just mingling with trees. Sorry if my recent posts are filled with pictures – I’m just strangely obsessed with them. Will try to do my writing posts again.


Jean xx