20 dollars in my pocket

by The Dreamer

I’ve been really slogging away with my homework. I have six days left before I leave for Cambodia for a break, and my homework pile is still ceiling-high. But there is always time for a little blogging!

On Tuesday, I went thrift shopping with my friend, Su Lynn! And no, that’s not how the thrift shop looks like. I wish.


Waiting here for Su Lynn in the morning. Had ice cream for breakfast. No shame.



Been so long since my last trip to Bugis! Have to say it looks pretty sleek.



Birds. Birds everywhere. (I have a crippling fear of any living thing with wings, so naturally I freaked.)



Look at the mutant-sized pigeons. I swear, they’re evolving and slowly taking over the world.

SAM_3525 SAM_3526 SAM_3527

We were desperately lost. Both of us have the worst sense of direction and we ended up in circles, squares, triangles…you get the picture. But nevertheless, we ended up adventuring quite a bit and seeing many cool sights (way too busy staring at my GPS to take pictures) before finally relenting and asking for directions.

迷路了。。。SAM_3529 SAM_3531 SAM_3532

We found it! Beautiful murals were the first thing that captured our attention.


Tucked away in a tiny corner of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations. All earnings from this thrift shop actually proceeds to donations, which was a plus!



It was actually already very crowded, despite it just opening half an hour ago. (We arrived at 11am). most of the nice stuff were probably already taken away.

好看的东西都被别人拿走得七七八八了。SAM_3540 SAM_3541 SAM_3542

Books and CDs going cheap! Didn’t really explore this portion, which was a pity. Su Lynn found a book from her favourite author – Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code for only six dollars, so it was a steal!

SAM_3543 SAM_3545

Racks that were just overwhelmed with clothes. This was just the outside part. I didn’t take any photos of the air-conditioned area, where there were also accessories, knick-knacks as well as toys. And more clothes. Unfortunately, these second-hand clothes were more suited for the mature-ranged customers? Couldn’t really find anything that suited me really.


SAM_3547 SAM_3548 SAM_3549 SAM_3550

Passed by the temple and decided to give our respects. Su Lynn’s Buddhist, but I’m a free-thinker. However, I’ve been going to this temple for, like, forever, especially to pray for safe journeys and strength for big examinations. I’ve had many areas of influences, but I’m leaning towards Buddhism more, and my family is fine with it.

SAM_3551 SAM_3552 SAM_3553 SAM_3554

Using joss sticks to pay respects. First, towards the door to pray to the heavens, then to our respective gods facing the temple.


SAM_3555 SAM_3556 SAM_3557

I think it is important for us, as the younger generation, not to neglect our religion. My parents gave me the freedom to choose whichever religion I’m more comfortable with, and to follow my heart, and I’m grateful for that. I think, after praying, your heart and mind is more at ease. I felt lighter afterwards.



Shopped at Bugis Street afterward. Had a delicious Thai meal. Mine was Pineapple Fried Rice and Lemongrass drink (I was enjoying it so much I forgot to take photos). We wandered around, but found nothing to our liking.

逛街!吃了泰国餐,好吃得不得了。之后,徘徊了一下,但空手而归。SAM_3559On the way back home. We played Twenty Questions, and we got to know each other better. We realized we had the same interests, which was pretty cool I guess?


I went back home with no books, unfortunately, no shoes cause I wasn’t exactly comfortable with worn shoes, but came back with four articles of clothing for just seven dollars. Every Tuesday was student half-price day, so I really grasped at the opportunity. Not gonna bore you with the details of what I got, I’d say it was pretty darn worth it! I was really happy to be able to hang out with my friends, and to experience thrift shopping. I’ve always had a liking towards flea markets, antique shops and thrift shops, but in Singapore we don’t have big thrift organizations like Goodwill, so this was a rare chance and a cool experience of just adventuring around Singapore, which I don’t do alot.

钧 xx

jean xx