Humans of Cambodia – I

by The Dreamer

CSC_5761Cambodia was a beautiful, magnificent country. I flew to Siem Reap in the later end of June, and then drove to Phnom Penh. I brought my Nikon D40 and took a hugeload of photos. People always say that we shouldn’t live our trip through the lens, but I beg to differ. These pictures, over a 1000 of them, were the symbolism of the breathtaking adventure that I had over that past six days. I’m still reeling from the trip, to be honest. I’ve never been so accepting towards a country so quickly – there were always flaws from this country that I’ll pick out. Horrible toilets, rude people, etc.  And most of my vacations were to urbanized countries, which I thought was cool, but lacked the authentic feel of being somewhere else as they looked just like city after city. But Cambodia, with its marvelous architecture and incredible people, blew me away. Today’s segment will be ten photos from my “Humans of Cambodia” gallery. I’m still organizing my photos, and they take time. I think interaction with the people in a country is one of my favourite things to do, because unlike buildings, these people are, you know, alive and feeling. Honestly, the people in Cambodia, locals and tourists alike, were the highlight of my trip. It must’ve been the Cambodian laidback atmosphere or something, but everyone was so nice. Like, genuinely nice. I’ll leave my pictures to tell the stories. DSC_4849

She can’t be over three, and already she’s looking at me and reaching out the postcard in her hand. Most of them are subsidized to go to school, but the lunch fees are over $100, and they are good tools to sell and make quick money, which is what convinces the parents to let them wander around touristy sites. //不到三岁但是手中捧着名卡,要卖给我。 DSC_4850

The first child that “sold” me something. She stood by my side and very slowly recited, “1…2…3…” all the way to 10.

“10 for $1!” she cried out, almost desperate. She followed me and recited the numbers over and over again. “But you promised, ” she was crying out when I started to refuse. I didn’t really know how to react to it, and impulsively bought two friendship bracelets for $2, which is pretty pricey, but with the hope that this money will contribute, in one way or another, to her education. //第一个卖给我东西的小孩。一直重复着“一二三”直到十。还记得她的“你答应过我的!”,非常纯真。 DSC_4851

Stopped in her tracks at “7” when I pulled out my camera. She has a nice smile. //念到“七”就顿时停下来让我拍照。她笑起来很漂亮。DSC_4891

Her eyes are staring into my soul. //两双直视心灵的眼目。 DSC_4893

Even when the doors slammed close, they stretched out their hands and offered their stuff to us. We gave them sweets, one each for their five children. “We have no money for school.” This was the line that resounded in my head as we drove off. //直到门关了他们始终不放弃。我们只好给了他们五个孩子分糖吃。“我们没钱读书。”这一句到现在都在我脑海中挥之不去。


Kids wander around aimlessly. Most of them don’t have shoes, and the floor is prickly with gravel, and dusty as well. // 很多孩子们都是这样无所事事地游荡着,都是光着脚走的。可是,地又脏又充斥着小石头,看到都心痛。DSC_4934

“Please. Only 2 dollah.”//


Nice German guy that led my frightened mother over the beams of the temple. He confidently walked backwards, but almost tipped over. My mother said he grabbed onto my mother super tight, and his friend pushed him back before he fell over. But still, they were super kind. He studies in Singapore! //



Captured this and he froze in his spot. //

他看到了相机就立刻愣住了。 DSC_5434

Sitting on the steps, alone. //


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x x Jean