Humans of Cambodia – II

by The Dreamer


It’s 1.41AM and I thought the most logical thing to do was update my blog, because if not in the middle of the night, when will I ever have the time? Sadly, I’m having horrible stomach cramps because I ate too many durians tonight, and though its way past my bedtime I’m not even remotely tired.

So I present to you my second installment of the Humans of Cambodia series!


I know this picture is a little very blur, but I couldn’t look away. I snapped the shot, then stared at the two kids until the van turned round the bend. The boy in the orange clothes kept staring at the wall blankly, motionless, and the pink girl kept fiddling with her shoes. There were no adults in sight. //照片有点蒙,但我却很喜欢。这两个孩子被丢在这儿, 没看到有大人在。我目不转睛地看着他们,男孩默默地看着墙壁,而女的正玩着。不知为何让我如此心疼。

Two adorable Japanese kids that treated the temples like a maze and had no fear whatsoever towards the steep stairs and uneven floors. //两个日本小孩毫无畏惧地在古遗中爬上爬下。DSC_5370

Teens in their ethnic costumes. Paid one buck to get 5 pictures taken in 5 different poses. My father did it because he knew how sweltering the weather was and pitied their plight. They seemed quite okay with it to me. //一块五张照。看他们得忍受炎热的天气,父亲决定帮他们一下。

Praying ritual. //祈祷仪式。DSC_5403

I envied this lady so much. She shielded her face from the sun and lay there for what seemed like hours. I would accompany her, but I’m too conscious of the bugs hidden in the grass, so I passed. But she seemed to be enjoying it, and hopefully someday I’ll find the confidence to tune out the inessentials and focus on myself, like she did. //还羡慕这个女的,能有无忧无虑地躺在草上享受阳光的照耀。我可不行,有太多顾虑了,尤其是草中的小虫。希望有一天能向她一样勇敢,潇洒。DSC_5458

A boy, barefoot, walking towards the unknowns in the forest. //光着脚走近另一个世界。DSC_5460

I don’t know what they’re staring at, but it must be pretty good. I still remember this shrill whistle coming from behind me, and these boys bolting away towards the trees far ahead. //不知道他们在看什么,但是听投入的。还记得从我身后隐约发出了哨子声,使这些孩子们不约而同突然奔走。DSC_5516

Wouldn’t stop pleading, but stopped midsentence for a handsome shot. //一直不停地拜托我买东西的他,一看到相机就停下来摆出俊美的姿势。

Look closely at his toy car made out of plastic bottles and caps. Who says you need smartphone apps to keep kids entertained?//废物利用,用瓶子作出来的玩具车也能让孩子玩的不亦乐乎。DSC_5530

/pulls out camera/

Yellow one: /nudges red one/ /says something really fast/

Both of them start posing for the camera. They do multiple shots, but change them so fast they come out blur on my camera ): Whatever, I liked this one best anyway. //当我把相机掏出来时,大的顿时挪了小的一下,开始为相机摆出很多可爱的姿势。可惜换得太快,照片都变成蒙的。

The best playground – the ruins. //古遗是小孩的游乐园。DSC_5540

She was using a basil leaf and sweeping up all the coconut, and ate it like it was divine. She even offered some to me.//津津有味地享受着椰子,还好心请我吃。DSC_5541

Wandering around without her sister, holding her coconut like a prized possession. //独自徘徊,手中像是捧着宝珠般地拿着椰子壳。DSC_5570

I have no idea where the youngest one popped in from, but this was a cute shot. They were trying out hairstyles.//不知小的从何处冒起,但是女生毕竟是女生,都爱美。DSC_5572

The eldest one taking charge.//大姐照顾着妹妹。DSC_5579

She’s staring so intently. //全神贯注。

x x 钧

x x Jean