July Darlings

by The Dreamer

july After introducing to you guys about my month in a nutshell, I’ll present to you some july favourites that had me smiling and crying.

❂ Letters to July ❂

Letters to July is a youtube project initiated by Emily Diana Ruth , also known as emilieofnewgloom. I literally live for her videos – her style is so distant and unique from the other youtubers that I’ve watched. She’s subtle, soft-spoken and meticulous. Letters to July is something that I look forward to, and am terribly sad to part with when the month ends, which means she generally takes a very long hiatus. She basically daily-vlogs, but her daily vlogs flow like film. It has amazing cinematography, with subtle blurrings and focusing on our daily images. We go through her life with her husky and beautiful voice narrating to us, and it normally brings about deep messages that leave your heart feeling so opened.

I lived through her experiences, and the guest stars that she sometimes posts. All letters were so meaningful in a way. Not all were 100% positive, but they were the accurate depiction and true portrayal of the reality’s fatigue and adrenaline. I watch it before I start my day and before I end it. Normally I find myself taking in the messages involuntarily, and acting them out in my day’s actions, and upon reflecting on it when rewatching it at night, I feel so enlightened. When indulging in them, Richard Sanderson’s Reality resounds through the walls of my mind.

2013’s Letters to July:

2014’s Letters to July: She also has a beautiful Tumblr and a blog dedicated to Letters to July, go check it out.


❂ Moonrise Kingdom ❂

I never got the hype over Wes Anderson’s films, but after chancing upon this, I think I get why. My mum got me to sit down and watch it cause she thought it was my “style” and “i think you’re gonna love this”. And it was 100% true. It got some adapting to do, but when I eventually tossed away my practicality and actuality, I found myself in a realm of vintage and innocent fantasy.

Sam and Suzy are young sweethearts in love, and they make a plan to escape. Sam, being a boy scout, leads Suzy away from reality and they find themselves falling into puppy love, experimenting with tongue kisses and strange feelings. I think the magical touch of Wes Anderson’s films come from his idiosyncratic and precocious  characters. The film touched on darker elements but managed to stay afloat with lighthearted ways to convey them. I found myself liking the jerky and authentic cinematography, with breathtaking visuals and a humourous but adorable plot. It was everything you could find in a children’s fantasy storybook, which was exactly what Wes Anderson was trying to put across.

Some visuals for ya:

I literally live for this kiss.

❂ Music ❂

Delved into the world of chiptunes and 8bit-music, no looking back. No regrets. Nuff said, just listen.

 ❂ The Scared is Scared ❂

I LOVE this short film by Bianca Giaever. It was innocent and cute x1000000. It was just very lighthearted and pure, and it shows the mentality of little kids and how they deal with their fears, which I think can totally be applied to us teenagers or adults.

I’m scared of monsters, and then I think of pizza…and cookies…chocolate chip cookies.  

  July has been a month of stagnancy and flexibility. I loved July because though I was juggling with my schoolwork, I managed to, surprisingly, find escape in these platforms (though I do love reading, I didn’t do much of those this month. I tried.) Thank you July. See you again next year. 钧 x x Jean x x