August Favourites

by The Dreamer

Hey guys, I’m on a roll today! I tend to get very excited over my favourites blog post, because 1) I like to pretend people actually read them and thus 2) I would LOVE to introduce to others my finds and treasures over the past month! Less crap, more show. Leggo~


Yes, there is no denying that I am into kpop, but to be honest, my most played songs on my MP3 consist not of the Top 40 on the Kpop chart or whatever, but these babies:

Goodbye Love – The Carpenters

I freaking love The Carpenters. I went through the Superstar and Yesterday Once More phase where I would just listen to them over and over again. When I was young, The Carpenters were my lullaby. I listened to them while my parents drove us across the island back home. Late at night, I would lean against the window, stare at the moon “chasing” after us, and Karen’s voice serenaded me to sleep. She has such a clear and distinct and beautiful voice. Even though these memories were a good 12 years back, whenever I listen to The Carpenters, those memories are still fresh.

What really got me addicted to this song was Tony’s guitar solo. Would you just listen to those guitar riffs? I literally had eargasms listening to it, and I would deliberately listen to just the instrumental, because GODDAMIT it’s awesome. You could really hear the anger and frustration and feelings conveyed through the strings.

My favourite lyrics definitely has to be:

What lies in the future is a mystery to us all
No one can predict the wheel of fortune as it falls

…because it’s kind of relevant to my life as of now, and knowing of Karen’s story, it makes this song so much more touching and melancholy. Indeed, we never know what lies ahead of us. I read this excerpt from somewhere on the internet and wow, it made my heart break.

My little brother just asked “why are people so nice to the people who are about to die?” And I told him that we want to make their last few moments on Earth happy. And he told me, “everyone dies a little everyday and sometimes we don’t know when a person is gonna die, so why isn’t everyone always nice, because we never know what’s gonna happen to someone?”

It’s definitely some food for thought, and Goodbye for Love is a timeless piece.

Take me to Church – Hozier

This song could raise some eyebrows and stir up some controversies, but I love it all the same. It has those kind of addictive and soul-wrenching melodies, and Hozier is not afraid of expressing his opinions on the current situation of discrimination and oppression on society by people, certain organizations and perhaps, governments. The music video was so heartbreaking, but it does include some homosexuality and violence, therefore it stirred some unsatisfaction and conflict.

In the words of Hozier,

If you feel offended or disgusted by the image of two people kissing, if that’s what it is, but you’re more disgusted by that than the actual violence … I think you should take a look at your values, maybe. I don’t think there really should be a controversy when we’re talking about a basic human right and the equal treatment of people.

I applaud him, seriously. He is undaunted in taking a stand against hate in his music, and Take Me to Church is a beautiful song. For me, I think we’re living in a society and in a century where everything is already so advanced, and people do have to be more open and accepting and tolerant. Just because you don’t agree with something, doesn’t mean you have to express it out, and in a nasty tone I might add. The world would develop much rapidly and because so much more gorgeous if people were just willing to take a step back.


I watched If I Stay over the weekends with Sheryl and Suhyun, and it doesn’t disappoint. Over a year ago, I picked up If I Stay by Gayle Forman, got head over heels in love with it, and got obsessed over Where she Went as well. When I knew there was a movie adaptation, how could I say no?

I must admit, for those non-book readers, the movie could seem a little dull, a little pointless and the ending a little stupid. But what really touched me was the fight and willpower people have in times of crisis, and this movie really accentuates that. I was completely floored by a simple plot, perhaps because of what is going on in my life right now (if you don’t already know, read my previous posts). My tears literally could not stop flowing down and popcorn and tears got everywhere. Everywhere.

What really accelerated my emotions was the recent news about Ladies Code – a Korean pop girl group that has very unfortunately met with an accident, and two members did not make it. I went into the movie theatres with a heavy heart, upon just knowing that RiSe has passed away after putting up a strong fight. It was similar to the plot of If I Stay, except…she didn’t make it.

I still vividly remember when I first received the news, I was in shock. My friend, also reeling in shock, kind of whispered to me, “Up to now, I never realized our idols were…human too.” Often, we tend to neglect that our so-called “idols” and celebrities were equally as vulnerable and weak, as us. We always imagine them as perfect beings, and we criticize them when they do something wrong, yet we fail to see that they are human, and they make mistakes too. Again, “everyone dies a little everyday”. I think this matter, and this movie, has really taught me to appreciate the people around me and to treat everyone, everyday with kindess, because it is the saddest thing ever to leave with a heart of regret and what-ifs.


Watching this video made me feel weak. I couldn’t get past the first 6 minutes. I had to mute the audio and close my eyes every few seconds. This month has really been a month of realizations, of doubt – it makes me really wonder…where the heck has humanity gone to? 

I still feel the bile rising from the pits of my guts. I remember crying on the inside, and tearing up so badly. I didn’t know…I really didn’t know this was how animals were being treated, and I had always assumed that to eat meat, was a way to attain the proteins we needed and a part of the food web. 

God, I feel so awful. I looked at those pigs, and thought of Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web. I looked at those chicks, and thought of Totoro, and how she brought home an unwanted male chick from the animal slaughter factory, saving it from the fate of being grinded up. Literally, just…writing this, re-living the experience and the horrors of watching this video, makes me feel at a loss for words. 

But I am no longer in the dark, and I feel that I can still do my part and speak up for these voiceless, yet sentient beings (with nervous systems and pain receptors). From Monday to Friday, I will abstain from meat in my diet. On the weekends, it will be hard to avoid it because of my family gatherings, but I will still do my best to avoid meat, and to constantly remind myself of the cruelty these animals face. 

Predators kill their prey with a bite on their neck. Instant death. Yet, we, as hairless, clawless, vulnerable humans, treat these living things as objects. Though we see them bleed, we see them struggle, all we can think of is how good this piece of shoulder meat will be on the grill. It makes me really feel that humans can be the most vicious, heartless living creatures on the planet. 

And I am really, really sorry for these animals. 

Crap, sorry for turning this August Favourites into a morbid story-sharing session.