by The Dreamer

Yesterday night was horrible.

I was trying to hold it in the entire time in school, but the sharp pains kept jolting me up. Teachers asked me if I was tired, I wanted to reply, “I’M IN PAIN!”

I couldn’t help but sob when I was watching my korean drama. To my defense, it was the saddest episode yet. I sprawled on my sofa, with undone homework on the floor and an ice pack on my chin, the tears falling like Nigeria falls. Oh. There was also a grape unchewed in my mouth. It was too painful to chew, but even more painful to spit out. So I kind of just left it in there.

So yep, that was the situation. And the worst part is, there is nothing I can do about it. The dentist said the toothache was caused by an undeveloped wisdom tooth pressing against my molars, but because it hasn’t fully formed, it can’t be extracted. WHYYYYYYYYY. So now I just have endure the pain. Hopefully it will subside eventually.

In the meanwhile, I made a mixtape of the songs I listened to for the entire day in a futile attempt to forget about the pain, or just to numb it.

Who would have thought that the pizza from last night would be one of my last (real) meals for the next few weeks. It’s porridge, porridge and porridge for me now.

钧 x x

j e a n x x