Chinese New Year: Sights and Sounds

by The Dreamer

I woke up today to know that I had gained ten followers in a day! It was absolutely crazy, and very comforting since I was getting back on track from my month-long hiatus.

Today, I would like to do a throwback to February, when my family and I celebrated Chinese New Year. I found this video hidden in my hard disc when I was trying to filter through all my footage, and I was so happy to be able to relive this happy occasion. It’s a short film that I made, focusing on the sights and sounds captured during the three days of festivities. You can head on to my earlier post for an in-depth description on my experience. It was my first post, and look how far I have come! This really made me cherish every single moment before the year flies past.

Do note that I am a filming amateur and I edit my videos based on my emotions so, yeah…the footage may seem choppy and disorientated. But nevertheless, do enjoy and I would love feedback!

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