Turkey Diaries: Day Two

by The Dreamer

Day Two: Arrival//Departure

It’s weird. I have never felt bigger, greater or stronger just because I’m way up here and everyone else is way down there. I think it is because I am trapped, confined in this small container that has shot me 30000 ft off the ground, and there is no way of escaping. You, are down there. You feel the ground and its vastness. You are rooted and safe. I see the vastness of the sky but I do not feel it. I am floating and victim to turbulence.

It is -61°C outside. I lean my head against the cool surface of the window, watch as a drop of moisture attaches itself to the glass and stretches, unfolding an intricate pattern of edges and lines. Altocumulus clouds scatter and fade, revealing a network of veins parallel to these edges and lines. I follow the pulse of the city beneath me. Badum, Badum. Coarse veins brightened with the life, the blood of the city, flowing with a familiar rhythm.  I am up here. Altocumulus clouds gather once more and the blood is cut off from me. I am detached from the rhythm. The life drains out of me. I fall into a deep unconsciousness. It is -61°C but nothing is frozen in time, life still continues. Except us.

I wake up and we are above the horizon. I can see where the world starts and where the world ends. We are racing against the sun. A highlighter-orange streak spreads across the horizon but we are faster than it. The sun cannot catch up to us. We are still in the dead of the night. We cross the finish line first. Then we cheer on the sun and watch it cross the line. We let the sun envelop us, let the -61°C disappear, and let life seep through.

“Hello everyone, this is the pilot speaking. We hope you…”

The sun is rising, but I am falling.

Life comes in and death parts.

People in the plane stir. The spell is broken. We are no longer frozen in time.

Arrival and departure always go hand in hand.

钧 x x

j e a n x x

(Don’t ask me what all of this means. I wrote it literally in the dead of the night, drunk with sleep.)


SAM_0855 SAM_0865

I was looking at these when inspiration struck.