Last Christmas

by The Dreamer


Now that it’s 2015, I can safely say that these pictures were taken last Christmas, haha. Christmas has never been a big deal for me. My family never celebrated it, and we never had a Christmas tree, to my parents, Christmas presents were “the pocket money I gave you for the entire year!”. So yeap, so much for festive spirit.

But this year, I decided to spice things up a little and went out with my friend Kahei. Just a few days before Christmas, we decided to take a stroll at Macritchie Reservoir and try the Treetop walk. Unfortunately, we were too late and it was closed by the time we took that 5 km hike uphill, and then we had to walk back down again (boohoo, total killjoy).

However, I did really enjoy the picturesque views around me. The place was extremely quiet and serene. Besides the few joggers that exercised around the circumference of the reservoir, the place was almost empty. It gave me this close proximity to nature and made me feel like the buzz of the city was so far away from us.

SAM_1060 SAM_1062 SAM_1063 SAM_1067 SAM_1070 SAM_1071 SAM_1077

As you can tell, the waters were really clean and the sunlight reflected beautifully. You could literally hear the humming of the cicadas and grasshoppers around us, and even the rustle of the leaves when the wind caressed them gently. SAM_1084 SAM_1085 SAM_1086 SAM_1093 SAM_1097

Trees that towered over us. A far cry from the skyscrapers, but equally mesmerizing. SAM_1098 SAM_1100 SAM_1109 SAM_1110 SAM_1113 SAM_1120

Evidently I was not dressed for an impromptu hike. SAM_1121 SAM_1122 SAM_1125

We reached the bottom of the hill and it started to turn a little creepy due to the overgrowth of plants on both sides that crowded around the pathway. The weather also took a bad turn to the humid-and-dark side, and the air smelt damp, which were definitely signs of rain clouds forming above us. With the grey clouds starting to gather, we decided to move on anyway. SAM_1131

Did I forget to mention that a HUGE family of monkeys lived among the trees. When you turned left or right, you could see slightly yellow and sharp eyes staring right at you and following your movement. Though not threatening to our safety, I was terribly afraid of those monkeys, haha, especially when they jumped down the trees and walked in front of you, as if trying to parade around their territory. SAM_1133 SAM_1148 SAM_1169

But we still had to return back to reality, which was the city landscape. Thankfully, the rain gods decided to take mercy on us and it DIDN’T RAIN! Woots! So after dinner, we headed to Orchard Roads where the Christmas lights and activities were on full bloom.

There were many buskers around the street as well, showing off their performances and dances. It was basically very joyful and full of cheer. There was also a group of people caroling, which was especially fun! One hands-on activity we could try was the gigantic mural that spread across quite far. We could colour in the blank spaces while we listened to the stories of the birth of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas.



And what is Christmas decorations without disgustingly huge Christmas trees?SAM_1222 SAM_1249

SAM_1229 SAM_1232 SAM_1236 SAM_1237 SAM_1258

Lastly, to end our Christmas parade, we also donated to the Salvation Army in the “spirit of giving”. The next day, my legs were literally paralyzed because we barely even sat down throughout this entire adventure, and the soles of my feet hurt so badly. But I have to admit, it was worth it because it was really enjoyable, so I guess it was a rather memorable way to celebrate Christmas.

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