by The Dreamer


One year ago, I wrote my first blog post about festivities and merrymaking, similar to this one. Thinking back about the past year, it leaves a bittersweet taste at the back of my tongue. This blog has, in a very sentimental way, accompanied me through so many ups and downs that has happened in 2014. Reading my past posts has made me cringe and smile at the same time. And it’s crazy to think that there are over a hundred people actually interested in my life and would listen to my ramblings, but it’s also comforting to know that i’m not alone.

For a while, I got really stressed out because of the audience that expanded and I was unsure of the content I could post. But this blog is an outlet for me to release my emotions and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will try to update it with trivial things and big things, so that when I look back again next year, I can relive the memories once more.

This year’s Chinese New Year was very different from last year’s, because I could spend it with my friends as well. My school, being a Chinese school, made sure that the celebrations were BIG. The lion dance, wushu performance and even the Lo Hei tradition was very impressive. I remember standing right across from him, and we were tossing the ingredients as high as we could. My class was cheering and shrieking and the food flew everywhere. In tradition, we were supposed to yell auspicious wishes, but at that point of time, we didn’t. I held the wish in my heart: for 2015 to be a good one, please. 

Most importantly, we had our POP which was essentially just a dance competition amongst our faculties. There was alot of pressure and hopes placed on my faculty, Ares, because we won POP for the past few years, and so we had to uphold tradition or it would just be bad, and very, very sad. The training was really rigorous and tough, but I had to admit, never had I really felt unwilling to attend the practices, because I HAD THE DESIRE TO WIN SO BADLY. We were training for three hours straight under the scorching sun almost everyday for two weeks, and on the last practice, my waterbottle was stolen and I had to go without water for three hours. That was why on the day of the performance, my throat was hoarse and I felt the flush of a fever hitting me really hard.

But goddamn, the exhilaration of performing something you had worked so hard on was really worth it. I was screaming at the top of my lungs until I felt a tear in my throat, and I was stretching my limbs as far as they could go. There were no regrets though, because Ares claimed the title of God of Dance once more and was victorious for yet another year.

I still feel slightly giddy whenever I watch the performance videos, heehee.

And then I met my secondary school friends for lunch and to catch up, and because I wasn’t feeling very well, I couldn’t enjoy myself to the fullest, but it was still very heartwarming to be able to reunite with them. From being around strangers 24/7 to being able to be truly myself amongst a group of friends I trusted and loved, it made me feel really euphoric.

Some photos to sum it up!

SAM_0019 SAM_0052 SAM_0057 SAM_0071 SAM_0072 SAM_0073 SAM_0138 SAM_0081 SAM_0142 SAM_0144

I will post part II of my CNY celebrations another day, because my sister’s friends are coming over to play mahjong, and I really need to start on my homework too.

Till next time,

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