Chinese New Year 2015

by The Dreamer


Chinese New Year has always been something I looked forward to. It’s not just about the extra pocket money you receive, or the feasts you consume or the new clothes you get to slip on. I just really enjoy basking in the warmth of my family, because family to me has always been my greatest priority, so nothing makes me happier than spending quality time with them. So I’m turning back time a little to depict my two glorious days of Chinese New Year this year with pictures.


This is my mother’s side grandparents and I am awfully close with them. I love how they still call me their baby even though I’m going to 17 in a few weeks.


Yes I’m wearing a sheep head-band. Sue me.


My beautiful mother!   SAM_0205 SAM_0206 SAM_0212 SAM_0216 SAM_0214

Since I was feeling pretty (LOL, narcissist attack) that day, I decided to go down to take some nice photos!


I LOVE BABIES. Isn’t she just gorgeous?


Twins?! Jesus Christ my heart cannot take the amount of cuteness in the room.
DSC_0140 DSC_0141

Fawning over them.


This is an accurate depiction of my dysfunctional relationship with my elder sister. I do something (anything!) and she judges me to hell and back. Much love. DSC_0200

We are now entering Day Two!DSC_0223

My family is quite big. And this is only half of it.DSC_0244

Cheeky kids all day every day. SAM_0293

Are we still considered cheeky kids too?SAM_0297

Too. Much. Cheekiness.SAM_0321

And more babies!SAM_0329 SAM_0344

I call this little baby a ‘bean’ because he really resembles one. SO CUTE.


Or a hamster. Hamster works too.

His elder sister which is equally as adorable!SAM_0408

The perks of having a big family – never-ending supply of kids. SAM_0409 SAM_0413

Failed jump shot, hah.

Because I’m still a kid (and because I CAN NEVER COMPLETE MONKEY BARS THIS ANNOYS ME)SAM_0449

Cheekiness again.


Later at night, we decided to play with some sparklers to end the Chinese New Year with a bang, but the pictures turned out less than satisfactory. DSC_0340

I wasted my just-before-the-sparklers-die-hurry-make-a-wish on a certain someone HAH. DSC_0334

But the two days spent were still magical.

钧 x x

j e a n x x