All Natural

by The Dreamer

“Here we are. Here and now. That’s all that is. And if it isn’t beautiful, man, there is nothing.” – Ram Dass

During a short weekend break, my two closest friends and I took a trip to the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Being surrounded by nature really has a strangely magical healing effect.
DSCN6995 DSCN6996

Call me an oxymoron, for I do adore nature so much, even if I scream when a bee approaches me.  DSCN6999

DSCN7001 DSCN7002 DSCN7006 DSCN7007

It was pretty hot, but it was the good kind, where despite the sweat causing sundresses to cling onto backs, the warmth embraced you like an old friend, and the breeze was there if you closed your eyes and felt deeply, for you could hear the trees muttering sweet nothings to you and tiny flowers being picked up and landing onto your hair like cheeky little girls weaving flowers into Rapunzel’s hair. DSCN7008

After taking this shot, I took my shoes off, and the softness of the grass felt like a pillow. DSCN7009 DSCN7025

Th garden was pretty crowded because it was a holiday, and it was quite disappointing because the noises and voices overpowered the whispers of nature. DSCN7037 DSCN7059


DSCN7060 DSCN7062 DSCN7063

Since people mostly gathered at the parks and the lakes, exploring deep into the forests ensured serenity and quietness. There was almost not a single soul there except for ourselves, and it was a really invigorating feeling. It was where we truly felt connected to nature on a sentimental level. DSCN7065

Forget me nots. (I wish I could say this to some individuals who are drifting apart from my life.)


Sunlight flitering through the leaves and hitting at just the right spots. So thankful for the trees who shield us from the unintentional harshness of the big ball of fire way up above.

It was rather sunny at first, but the weather was pretty erratic, as was the ways of life, and quickly umbrellas emerged not for shade, but for shelter. It was an amusing sight to see people scurrying uphill for shelter, with Mother Nature chasing them with the aftermath of their human activities (aka the plastic bags which they so conveniently abandoned to save their own skins.)DSCN7148


 Part II is on the way, depicting my time with my friends on a rather melancholy and bittersweet note. It’s scary sometimes, everything and nothing. The fact that the world keeps turning can be simultaneously comforting and threatening.

The world keeps turning;

Trees grow, baby animals are born and flowers fall for the season, only to return for the next spring. Everything is temporary. And that’s a good thing.

The world keeps turning;

People change, people die, and people leave. Things happen and the patterns of what we thought was everlasting happiness is disrupted. Everything is temporary. Sadly.

But then again, thank you for the wisdom that nature has imparted to me. Reminding that beyond all, every breath we take contributes to the economy around us and the future of our species. We’re part of it all – right here, right now.

And as the sun set over the lakes and the trees whose very existence I felt an intricate connection to, my oldest of old companions, who knew all of my fears and concerns and uncertainties weighing me down like the way the sun was pulled downwards out of sight, I felt not alone. As the clouds drifted seemingly without purpose but was actually an echo of many events, I closed my eyes, tucked my head at the circumference of my friend’s collarbone, and thought of how I was just a point on the path of evolutionary history, part of a world full of wonderful beings like every shining particle of a waterfall and every winking star in the sky and seven other billion people trying to get through yet another day.

I’m living and I occupy space and I have mass. That means I matter.

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