taxi thoughts

by The Dreamer

so I’m currently in a taxi because i overslept and missed my school bus. go figure.

recently i attended a scholarship seminar, and one of the guest speaker said something along the lines of “you will not know where life will take you, but you will get there as long as you are willing to walk through enough doors.”

it was truly inspiring, but it got me thinking; am i walking through enough doors? 

only i am the most clear of the bell jar im entrapping myself in – only i can tell the extent in which i am slipping down my negative gradient. to others i seem to be working hard, but i know that my productivity level is not on par and lacklustre. not just in my studies but also in life. 

just yesterday my forgetfulness caught up with me in the worst possible way- resulting in the other party getting upset at me and if you didn’t know, one of my biggest fears was getting hated on so that was a rather frustrating experience for me.

then it boils down to today: i would rather frolick in my dreams rather than wake up in the early morning to get some work done. this entire week has been a disappointing week, really.

I need to be more pressed for time.