dream diary

by The Dreamer

we were on the rooftop – my prime friends and i – and spread across the vast expanse of the sky were countless shades of colours , its vibrant and soft hues blending and clashing and brightening up the horizon in a way that remains deeply imprinted in my subconscious mind.

and then birds appeared, cutting the silence with their jarring chirping. millions of them, soaring across the sky and momentarily filling the sky with black, like when a painter flicks an inked brush across its canvas. i don’t think i’ve ever witnessed such a breathtaking scene.

then we were running. we got up, flung the extra weight on our backs off, flung our coats off, flung our worries off, and we ran. lungs clenching and eyes tearing and uniforms billowing, we laughed and smiled at our incredulity but we didn’t stop, not even when we reached the end of the rooftop.

we didn’t stop, but we didn’t fall.

we flew.

suddenly i was bathed in rainbow light.