by The Dreamer

I used to hate mirrors with a raging passion. I still remember the exact locations of my most detested mirrors – weird, I know – and looking back everything seems so insignificant but they were so blown up in proportion in my narrow little self-deprecating mind back then. I remember abhorring the way my face looked so ridiculously angry and red because the angle of the mirror in the school toilet reflected and exposed me to just too much sunlight, and I also particularly hated walking into bright fluorescent stores like Uniqlo.

Tonight I was brushing my teeth, confidently looking at my own reflection in the mirror and even making funny faces like I did every night, and somehow I blurted out to myself “Love your skin!” in a semi glurgy way that i could manage with a toothbrush jabbed in my mouth and toothpaste foam saturating my tongue. It was hilarious and I laughed and saw my reflection laughing along in the mirror, like a companion.

Some day I will write a story for little girls or maybe not-so-little girls, and it will be about The Girl That Hated Mirrors and one day she will avoid looking at the mirror as usual, when suddenly a silky voice will call out “hey”, and she will look behind her and there will be nobody, and the voice will whisper “look in front, silly!” and she will pivot towards the mirror and behind her stands the guy/girl of her dreams, smiling down at her. She will fall in love with his/her quirkiness and kindness but she cannot see or talk to him/her unless she faces a reflective surface and there will come a day where because of him/her, she learns to accept herself in the mirror. And on one fine day, when she turns towards the mirror to smile, he/she will no longer be there, but The Girl will keep smiling, keep smiling at the  memories and the lessons and the rebuilt confidence and the friend  she made with herself.

(On a side note, it’s nice to have a break from depressing thoughts.)

j e a n x x 

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