bus ride

by The Dreamer

just a few incoherent and fleeting thoughts that waltzed through my mind over the course of the day.







the cursor flickers in uncanny synchronisation with my intake of breaths.


my mind is an empty vessel, echoing in the absence of thoughts.


frustrated with the dull, distant throbbing at the back of my mind, i leant my head against the oily window of the bus. tried not to pull away even with the turbulence of the ride that channels earthquake vibrations into my skull, only serving to aggravate my impending headache. the monstrous roar of the engine manifesting itself uglily in the pit of my gut.

the sunlight is overpowering, overwhelming, heat radiating and spreading everywhere, seeping through the thick glass separating me from the outside. yellow light illuminates most of my face as i close my eyes, and there is so much, so much daylight, threatening to penetrate through the self-inflicted night that i begin to see indistinguishable shapes at the back of my eyelids.

i love the sun, but today, it is too much.


missed my bus because i was talking to my friend and saw it driving away as i ran over to the bus stop. the next bus was 12 minutes due, and instead i opted for another indirect route that required me to hop on-and-off 3 buses, though the travelling time is more or less similar.

what would you have done? wait or jump on the next opportunity that came, even if it took unnecessary effort and detours?


alighting at my stop, i stood rooted the ground, entranced by the sight of construction workers levelling the cement on the newly carved out road.

i was struck with the sudden vision of the families of these construction workers waiting for them back at their hometown villages; little kids wailing for their fathers, little kids never knowing what ‘father’ means, little kids and their carefree laughter soon robbed away from them. then my tunnel vision continued back to the past, and i saw these workers in their childhood days, entertaining themselves with sand, not knowing that they would be toiling in denser sand for minimal wage in the future.

i walked away when the sunlight caught itself in one of the cheap, scratched faces of their watches and shone sharply, admonishingly into my eyes.

j e a n x x

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