the last day.

by The Dreamer

just for today, Time is something you feel tangibly, Pain is something you forget.

just for today. because there won’t be a tomorrow.

nature knows — nature somehow knows, and today the wildflowers are blooming like never before, delicate petals stretching as far as they can go, taking up as much space as possible, taking in as many droplets of sunlight as they can. today the trees are greener than ever before, no leaves are shed; they hold on strong as if telling all of us, no tears to be shed, hush, don’t cry. today the ocean is as clear as the sky, as calm as it can be.

today nature has taken over the urban. one awakes to the sight of a fluttering sea of colours, alive under the wind’s embrace, encroaching what used to be cement and what used to be glass buildings and what used to be unsightly drains.

today the world is alive.

tomorrow the world is not.

today nature tries its best to remind humans of all the colours and all the life they have been surrounded with, that they have yet to experience. today the world looks just like how it used to be at the very beginning. like we have come full circle.

tomorrow — if there is still a tomorrow where we can wake up to — everyone will forget how to dream in colour. everything will be different shades of darkness.

today we are spinning loyally around the fiery ball of existence.

tomorrow we will be displaced, ejected out of our solar system, blasted into a million fragments, no one actually knows. the scientists have stopped guessing. they’ll rather be with their loved ones.

when she falls into the grass, nature cradles her; softens the impact. she can feel all that pent up energy in motion underneath her. ticklish, golden, alive.

when he looks at her, she is brighter than the sun.

today, everybody smiles. they smile until they hurt, they smile until they cry, then they cry until they smile again.

the sun hangs low, — it doesn’t want to leave her baby, and for a moment the world is bathed in a yellow pool of the sun’s tears and everything feels so light, everything is full of light and everybody floats up, washed of their worries and their sadness and their regret. baptized. reborn.

right before their death.

the darkness greets and it is suffocating, dense, frightening. gravity presses itself on everyone’s chests.

today there are no words, there are no breaths. because it feels like once these escape, they get sucked into a void, an empty vaccuum, lost forever.

everyone’s eyes are wide, even though it feels like they are lidded over. dreaming with eyes open; sometimes it gets so dark that colours appear in blurry myopic circles, dancing before your line of sight. everyone focuses on these colours, indulging in the memories each circle promises.

the whole world watches their life flash before their eyes as streaks of bright light begins to sear across the opaqueness.

she tilts to his side and touches his face gingerly. kiss me. 

he clumsily inches over to her and kisses a trail from what feels like her eyebrow, the crooked bump of her nose, the corner of her lips. i love you. 

she props herself up on one arm and finds his lips properly, melting into him. what is going to happen next?

he sees colours exploding, he sees it before he sees it, because he has his eyes closed, reality shut out, and kissing her is a dream, but the cosmic phenomenon demands his attention, imprinting itself into his eyelids and into his mind before he can block it out. who knows? are you scared? 

she breaks from the kiss to gasp for air, resting her forehead on his shoulder. it soon becomes wet, though both of them pretend it isn’t. what do you think will be—you know—on the other side?

he brings both his trembling hands to her face, cupping it gently like it is porcelain. her face is luminescent and shining under the illumination of the meteorite showers. me, you…

yeah? you think we’ll make it…together?  she bumps her nose against the side of his jaw, and he laughs. their fingers weave together and hold tight.

they’re kissing again, as what seems like fireworks burgeon in the sky. bodies moulding together, limbs tangling, kissing away all the sighs and all the goodbyes and all the i love yous. the heat is getting closer and closer from above as the celestial debris gain friction, and from beneath his gut the heat pools and grows as their clothes ride up and the skin of their tummies touch.

there is more light than dark now, so bright that it’s blinding, but no one can look away.

the nucleus of the biggest meteoroid splits and heads directly at the couple, falling…falling…falling…

with every kiss that becomes more desperate, he’s falling even more for her.

i love you, she mouths against his lips. i’ll see you on the other side. 

he’s crying now. dammit. he said he wouldn’t, he promised he wouldn’t, but the tears overflow anyway, falling all over her face in unison with the stones of fire pelting all around them.

it becomes impossible to see or to hear or to feel anymore. but nobody feels pain.

the heat is overwhelming now. the heat is so vast and wide and his lungs are burning his heart is burning and iloveyouiloveyouilo

yep it’s supposed to end midsentence.