by The Dreamer

  1. hang out with friends till you forget about yourself and your self-loathing.
  2. friends are great. friends are really, really, all kinds of wonderful.
  3. the conversations wedge themselves between incredulous to meaningful. i treasure both in equal measure.
  4. treat yourself to good food. good food, good company. that’s really all you need sometimes.
  5. laugh at your jokes. laugh at your bad jokes and your good ones and the ones that slip out of your tongue before they even pass through your mind. take life easily and stop worrying so much about what others think about you.
  6. hold onto the things that make you feel like yourself again.
  7. re-watch all the silly videos you need to put that smile back on your face.
  8. if you have a tummyache, it’s okay. you are allowed to rest.
  9. this is the most therapeutic thing: a bus ride with a good album that you’ve never heard before but the songs feel as familiar as the way sun feels on your skin.
  10. write, and if you can’t get them out, just read.