by The Dreamer

“you’re moving too fast.”

i can’t keep up with the number of times this had been directed at me.

“sorry, that’s how i’ve always been,” i say, not actually feeling apologetic.

it’s like Life is telling me something, through the mouths of different people. But you see, I need to. There’s so much to see, so much to explore, Time is hot on our heels and I have to run before the sparkler catches up and burns out.

i’m sorry to all the people that have felt that i’ve left them in the dust. it’s really not intentional. i just love the speed. as much as i like unwinding, the desire for the thrill of soaring through everything triumphs all.


did 2016 happen?

somewhere in the middle, i felt like the year was barely advancing forward. but on second thought, it really did whizz past in a blink of an eye.

what should i do with this sudden freedom? i don’t know. someone help me because i’ve never really been good with directions.

everything tastes better when you’re hungry. similarly, my craving for passion merely expanded the more i felt stifled. and now everything savours of bitter after-climax.

i wonder how long i can keep running away from this reality.