by The Dreamer

it’s such a big world after all, and fate is as all-encompassing as such. varieties viewed and experienced with vividness, so it’s natural to veer off in tangents, isn’t it?

we might have grown up in the same neighbourhood, schooled together, watched the same tv shows, crushed on the same boys, but this intricacy of intertwinement will one day break apart and diverge. one cm difference, two cm, three. a space between, two fingers spacings, an abyss, a canyon, the rest of our lives.

or we might have been strangers all our lives, filled with chance encounters if we’re truly lucky.  i met have glanced your way one or two times, brushed shoulders with someone from another continent, flew past your house oceans apart, or you might have read one or two silly emotional pieces of myself cast out onto the web. but we are parallel, we will never truly meet, and our fates are not meant to clap together, not meant to harmonise. communications in different frequencies, all human and yet i might share more coincidences and similarities with a banana than with you.

and that’s sad, isn’t it? i might have looked at someone and imagined the lives we might have shared together. i might have heard someone else’s stories and romanticised on how the same plot might have played out in my context.

things have to happen perfectly in order for that one fateful incident to happen. it might have been less than perfect in your eyes, but in the birds’ eye view of fate, everything had been a perfect mission, a wonderful blend of time and space. you might have wished for something so hard, but only to watch with wide eyes as it fell nicely into someone’s arms. and maybe we just have to accept that it’s nothing personal, and there’s nothing really wrong with you. our fates are designed differently, and things will unfold when they are meant to and when its cue has been given and taken.

so be patient. life has something amazing just for you. it’s a gift that no department store or enterprise can ever re-create. a true customisation with no chance of replication, and i think that’s some sort of beautiful.

save your breaths on maybes and what might have beens and immerse yourself in the present you, and your present life, in this present moment. you will look back and realise free will and fate are tangential, but perhaps that point of tangency will be the climax of your existence.


the me of today – a believer of fates, a partially-blinded dismisser of reality