Those dreams that overflowed in your hands, I hope they’re still tightly held in them

by The Dreamer

you’re an enigma to yourself sometimes.

you’re so afraid of confrontation and embarrassing yourself, yet you’re okay with singing loudly to yourself walking on the streets while pretending you’re in a movie representation of your life.

you do your nails for more than an hour, then you clean them off immediately after because they’re a neon eyesore.

the littlest things make you burst into tears, and you don’t exactly know why. it might be just looking up at your apartment and thinking about standing at the exact same spot ten years later, and this wave of foreshadowed nostalgia just hits you, and the saltwater just comes flowing out as you listen to songs with lyrics you don’t even understand.

it might be just looking at kids fight and then make up with a kiss and a hug. the innocence in their words, the sincerity in their smiles, it gets overwhelming sometimes, a rare phenomenon that summons tears into your eyes as if you’ve just witnessed the aurora borealis.

just today you cried to yourself while walking to lunch, because you’re suddenly thinking of how you’re spoilt for choice, while children across the globe are working for ten hours a day for a bowl of rice to feed ten hungry mouths.

you’ll cry tomorrow morning, when your cousins fly back to china.

you make promises to yourself every day that you can’t keep, and yet you do it again and again.

you’re always looking for something that doesn’t even exist.

you never finish what you start, but then you seek for closure still.

you’re forever a work in progress, something put on indefinite hiatus, a 65%…