don’t feed her, she can only survive when and where we have forgotten to love

by your sunshine

movements like blades




carrying the weight and fierceness of a million invisible warriors behind them

she is angry


raging againsts her reality

her breathing short and shallow

she breathes fire

she is the one who starts war

she is the part of you that is capable of burning down cities

and waging war against the ones she loves

she is the part of you that hides under the surface

the part of you that surprises you when she shows her teeth

the part of you that you deny

push away

pretend does not live there

within you

she is your darkness

the one who dwells in the shallow waters of your being

she is in every one of us

she rides up from the back of the waves of your righteous egos

she feeds on the ideas that you deserve more



she lurks on the thoughts that keep you small

the notion that you have something to fight for

to reclaim

to preserve

she is the face of war

the part of us that can understand how we fight others

how we ruin our lives

how we can kill in the name of our beliefs

~An extract from “Our Warring Self” of Live Awake Podcast

she feeds on unlove, and i keep feeding her, fuelling the anger in me, an anger directed at myself.