a girl sits

by your sunshine

on her bed

in her dorm room

sixth floor

one of twenty three halls

of her university

settled in a corner

of Singapore

a dot on the map

where Earth is spread out

a planet among the rest of the solar system

nestled in the milky way galaxy

one of billion galaxies

in the infinite space

how can she feel anything less than wonder, when she is alive in all of this brilliant magnificence?

the trees are dancing. they keep dancing, and dancing, and dancing. when the girl sits upright, they’re dancing. when she lays upside down on her bed, they’re dancing. they’re so free in the wind, she thinks, they must be happy. but how can plants be capable of happiness? no. how would she know? unless a plant tells her personally that it doesn’t feel happiness, she can’t possibly rule that thought out.

there’s so much she doesn’t know about the world.

you know…

she’s so glad to be alive, she can’t even describe this feeling bursting at the seams in her physical being. it’s something like peace, but a peace that overflows.

so she just listens to the sound of the leaves, and the sound of her ecstatic heart.

and she waits for other miracles that the universe has to offer.

yes. the way the trees are dancing is a miracle to her too.